Book Review: An unusual honeymoon by Mamta Kashyap

At the outset I must confess that when I picked up the book to read, I was skeptical about finishing it. I am not much into English fiction, and surely not into the genre of romance and comedy. Frankly, I picked up the book because it was written by the daughter of one of our senior colleague Praveen Kumar Singh, but once I started reading it, all my skepticism disappeared and I really started enjoying it. Mamta Kashyap, the author, is a natural story teller and her book kept me engrossed. Once you pick up the book, you will not put it down before you finish it. About 200 odd pages, it should not take you more than a couple of hours to read, and at the end you will be left feeling warm and happy!

The book revolves around Mahashweta, an independent career women, who arrives at this strange sounding Inn called Cowboy, for her honeymoon – ironically alone, because her fiancee ditched her for her best friend. There she meets Rahul, who offers her a business deal she can’t refuse, the only catch being she has to get married to him for six months as a part of this deal. A solo honeymoon thus becomes an adventure. The story has the (un) usual Nani, usual mother in law, brother in law, sister in law and other family members who carry the story forward. There are family intrigues, love, heart breaks and usual insecurities. The best part of the novel is that all characters and situations appear natural and not contrived.

A lovely read and congratulations to Mamta for writing such a lovely book. Looking forward to many more.

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